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Oct 21, 2021

Time and time again buyers evaluate businesses on a few main criteria. It's called the 4 Pillars of Value and it helps determine whether a business has a high multiple or lower multiple.

1. Risk Mitigation
2. Growth Prospects
3. Transferability
4. Documentation / Verifiability

This is a framework from Quiet Light which...

Oct 19, 2021

Jim Oliver has quite the entrepreneurial journey. He owns 22 businesses. Yes, 22 businesses. Jim finds great talent and then overpays them. We spend most of our time on what is known as infinite banking.

We dive into…
- What infinite banking is
- How it works to buy more cash flow producing assets
- Cash Flow vs...

Oct 12, 2021

Jennifer Anderson is a listener of the podcast. She's super cool and has a traditional career but on the side has bought, built, and now SOLD an online business. Jennifer packs in the value and gold nuggets in this short episode.

Episode Resources

Oct 7, 2021

Matt Putra is an eCommerce expert and fractional CFO for eCommerce brands. He’s built, bought, and consults for many eCom brands.

We dive into…

— Typical eCom Margins
— eCom Must-Haves (Gross Margin, Email Lists, Areas for Improvement)
— eCom Nice to Haves (VIP Groups, 30% Customer Retention, 3 to 1 customer...

Oct 5, 2021

David Barnett has been an owner, broker, buyer, seller, and everything in between. He’s written a dozen books or so about buying and building companies. This is a fun conversation.

We dive into questions such as…

— Are small businesses a better investment than properties?
— Is this a good business?
— I’ve...