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Dec 30, 2020

Tyler X is a close friend of many years who has purchased 2 businesses. He just acquired a larger one just a few months ago and manages, along with a very demanding day job. Tyler loves his day job and has no desire to quit it BUT understands that financial freedom and wealth are tied to assets/equity.



Dec 23, 2020

Jake brings a wealth of business experience to the show. He dives into his search, what went well, and his focus on long-term business valuation.

If you are searching for a business to buy, follow Jake's journey to do it.


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Dec 21, 2020

4 Businesses I'm looking at Right Now - I go through and identify as quickly as possible why these businesses aren't a fit for me.


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Dec 18, 2020

A lot of people wonder when and how to submit a LOI. I break down my process. It's not perfect but has worked 3 times for me. Make sure the business you are thinking about putting a LOI on is something you are stoked out of your mind about.


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Dec 16, 2020

You don't know where your deal will come from. It's probably hidden somewhere in your...


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