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Aug 9, 2022

Rob Thompson left a lucrative tech career to buy a small mountain resort in the middle of nowhere. The nearest town has 300 people and his resort has 10 hotel rooms, 12 cabins, and 12 train cars you can stay in.

We dive into…

- All types of entrepreneurship that opened doors
- Making Huge life Decisions and moving to...

Aug 4, 2022

Ahmed Raza has bought several businesses and now runs which helps others evaluate businesses. From 1 off deals to streamlining his process, he helps others avoid pitfalls in the search world.

We dive into…

  • Underestimate the amount of work required
  • Costs outside of COGS, what creeps up here
  • Angel...

Aug 2, 2022

We dive into a business for sale selling phones to older people. :)

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Jul 21, 2022

Kat Weaver is an incredible entrepreneur with a successful exit for her first business in 2022. She won over 6 figures of grants and free money to start her first business. Kat now helps entrepreneurs raise money for their own businesses.

We dive into…
— Rethinking capital to launch or acquire a business
— How to...

Jul 19, 2022

We dive into how to use your existing 401k to invest or buy a business or real estate. Fascinating topic that is incredibly complex. Frank shoots you straight here.

This is known as ROBS or Rollover as Business Start-ups.

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