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May 26, 2022

Stephen is an OG in the lending space, especially for online businesses. He knows how these businesses operate which is rarer from lenders.

BUT now he has something he's been working on for 7+ years which is how to fund businesses in the $5M - $20M range.

We dive into...

-- Capital Access Fund
-- Alternative ways to...

May 24, 2022

Jason Condie went from a 7th grade Spanish teacher to owning multiple businesses in less than 3 years. He just acquired a website and digital course business that needed his skillset.

We dive into...
- Complete Career Transformation
- Hiring the Whos and NOT learning the Hows
- Motivated Sellers
- Risk Tolerance

May 17, 2022

Robert Graham and Juan Ruiz dive into specific deal examples for searchers. Robert helped 6 searchers close deals last year and Juan runs COMMUNETA at Harvard.

We dive into…

  • Dealing with non-recurring revenue
  • How to handle unique business risk with investors
  • Stock Sales to keep contracts in place
  • Unions :)

It's a...

May 12, 2022

Matt Putra is an eCommerce expert and fractional CFO for eCommerce brands. He’s built, bought and consults for many eCom brands.

We dive into…

  • How to free up cash flow
  • 5 Specific Actions to take to squeeze out working capital
  • Good Debt vs Bad Debt
  • Why eCom is taking a massive hit.

    Episode Resources
  • 10 Step...

May 5, 2022

Mike is the CEO of and has bought, built and sold 4 businesses. He’s also been a broker and coaches people on how to sell their business now. Mike found his first acquisition by driving around town and talking to owners.

His Framework of Successfully Selling your Business:

Desirable Results